reefer services

Perishable Cargo & Agro products:

EMCL Egypt is one of the leading shipping companies in Egypt specialized in the field of fresh produce and perishable cargo handling. EMCL annually handles more than 11,000 TEU's of HC reefer containers and more than 200,000 tons of citrus, onions, potatoes, …etc.

EMCL Egypt also arranges voyage and time charters for ro-ro, ventilated and reefer vessels to Gulf, Black Sea and European ports during the Egyptian Agro season, providing customers with the full chain of shipping and logistic services including all required documentation such as certificate of origin, phyto-sanitary certificates, drawback docs & export fund return.

EMCL also offers its customers door to door reefer trailer services to Europe, UK and Arab Gulf Countries.

Our Perishable cargo services include:

Sea / Land Reefer Trailers Services:

Our constant focus on our customers needs and requirements for short transit time to final destinations, drove EMCL to take the initiative in introducing this Sea/ Land reefer trailer service in Egypt allowing exporters to load 6 more pallets than regular high cube reefer container and deliver their fresh produce in one unit till received at final place of delivery.

Our Reefer Trailer Services Include:
Reefer Trailer Service (1):
Weekly direct service from pack-house Egypt to final destinations in United Kingdom, The Netherlands and other European destinations. Total transit time of 6 days to NL & 7 days to UK.

Reefer Trailer Service (2):
Weekly direct service from pack-house Egypt to Gulf countries. Total transit time 2 days to Jeddah, 6 days to Dammam, 9 days to Kuwait & UAE, 10 days to Qatar & Bahrain.