Port Said Port

Latitude: 3116'N Longitude: 03219'E     Time Zone: GMT +2 Unctad Code: EGPSD

Approach Area:

Waterways: 459 Feet Wide And 12.5 To 13 Meters Deep.

Waterbreaks:The Suez Canal Entrance Leading To The Port Is Protected By Two Waterbreaks, The Eastern Waterbreak Is Approximately 3.5 Miles Long While The Western Is Approximately 1.5 Miles Long.

General Informations:
Entrance: Vessels Enter The Port Through The Suez Canal Whether From Its Northern Or Southern Entrances
Dock Density: 1.030
Total Capacity: 4.9 Million Ton Yearly
Berthes And Cargoes:
Type No Of
Multiperpose 2 12.8 M
Container 1 14.0 M
Grains 2 12.8 M
General Cargo 2 08.2 M
RoRo 1 12.0 M
Passengers 2 10.0 M
Lighters 7 03.6 M


Total Storage Area For General Cargo:106,000 Sq.M.

east Port Said Port

Latitude: 1365'N Longitude: 3221'E     Time Zone: GMT +2 Unctad Code: EGPSD

Approach Area:

The approach area for the port is the area of the Suez Canal Authority in the Mediterranean Sea at hectometer (120 m).


LAT 31              28.5             N
LONG 31              20.00            E
LAT 31               27                N
LONG 32              18.00             E

Pilotage is performed by the Suez Canal Authority, obligatory.

Area (1):
Towards North at Hectometer 85m, till Hectometer 3 (end of Eastern Breakwater).

Area (2): inside the port:
At hectometer 3 m, (end of Easter Breakwater) till KM 6/n south.

Tug Service:
The Suez Canal Authority provides tug services.

Maximum Draught:
The port is able to receive ULCS (Ultra Large Container Ships), with 9000 TEUs capacity.

General Informations:
Total Port Area 35 sq. km.
Water Area 1.5 sq. km.
Land Area 33.5 sq. km.
Total Yards Area 635000 sq. m.
Total Customs Zone 33.5 sq. km.
Maximum Allocated Port Length 7.755 km. Western port boundary
Maximum Allocated Port Width 5.625km. Southern boundary
Port Said East Port Container Terminal:

The Container terminal is operated by International Operator, SCCT. The container terminal has the following specifications:

Quay length     1,200 m
No. of berths 4 berths
Terminal width 500 m
Terminal area    600,000 sq m
Throughput Capacity 2.2 mill TEU
Port Said East Port ID Number    14867
UN Locator Code EGPSD
Berthing    Port or Starboard side alongside
Water depth alongside 16.5 m increasable to 17.5 m
Super Post-Panamax Cranes 12 (Super Post Panamax) Gantry Cranes
RTG 41 Cranes
Operation date   October, 2004